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I could pretty much point you to this post to tell you how I feel right now. I wrote that when I was 9dp3dt of IVF#2-FET. Funny how nothing changes. Funny how those feelings just keep coming back. To add to that, I am now…

Scared that even if I see the two lines on a stick, I might not see a healthy heartbeat

Scared that even if I see the heartbeat, the embie won’t grow on schedule

Beta is day after tomorrow — on Tax day. I haven’t POAS’d yet. I know that if I have a healthy pregnancy, I should have a positive pee stick by now. But I am just too timid to find out. The past two mornings, as I get out of bed, I think about the possibility of “knowing”, and I think about POAS, but I am also reminded of the fact that it might be a negative, and I chicken out. On some level, I am scared of seeing the second line on the stick… especially now that I “know” on a first-hand basis that two lines does not equal to baby in 9 months! I am terrified.

As far as symptoms go, it is just like last time. I have some cramps off and on but we all know it doesn’t mean much. My boobs are just the same as they were since I started the PIO. No new soreness. I don’t know. I want this to work. I want this to work so bad.

Tomorrow is New Year’s day for us. And I am going to mend my relationship with God tomorrow, irrespective of which way this cycle goes. I am not as religious as my parents or my in-laws would like but I want to be at least in talking terms with God. On some level, I still believe in him.

I think I am going to find out tomorrow morning. I usually don’t POAS until the morning of beta, but one day earlier should not make or break the deal. Hopefully, I don’t chicken out tomorrow.


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Just another day

Things were pretty quite today… down there! All along I have either had some kind of cramping or pressure but since today morning, nothing. I almost feel “normal”. (To be frank, I am not quite sure I completely know what normal means anymore). I don’t know if thats a good thing or a bad thing. Hey… as long as I don’t see red blood, I am A-OK!

I am still continuing my PIO shots and Estrace pills. The 2cc of PIO in the night have become a pain in my behind (literally). I give myself my PIO shots and last night, I think I hit something (some nerve or something like that). I was numb (from the ice) so didn’t feel much pain but I could definitely tell that the way the needle went in was different.  And to back that up, when I woke up today morning, my entire right cheek is sore to the touch. And here’s the interesting part… it seems like I have lost some feeling on the upper half of my right leg (just on the outer side) starting from my hips to the mid half of my thighs! Has this happened to any of you gals? Is this normal? It feels really weird to touch your own legs but feel only on the hands and not on the legs!

Oh BTW, the PIO also gives me crazy lumps. The only thing I do is put some heat on them but that doesn’t seem to melt it away. Are there any other tricks?

I haven’t called the doc yet for the lost feeling part. I figured I will give it a couple of days to see if it gets better.

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