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Weekend, Flu, Monitoring

This weekend was very relaxing. DH didn’t have school on Saturday and so it felt like we had a long weekend. We started off the weekend with dinner w/ a couple of friends. On Saturday, we slept in, lounged around at home, and later we decided we would go visit a friend who recently gave birth. This was the friend that I talked about earlier with a premie at 35 wks. They were now home. And OMG, the baby was too cute. I got to hold him and put him to sleep. I was soo happy. There wasn’t one bit of angst or jealousy. I was just happy and content. Another friend of ours gave birth this past week and we might be visiting them next weekend! Babies ARE the cutest thing… now… I just need one to call mine! Hopefully all these newborns will bring me luck! :)


On Saturday night, DH was like “I am not feeling well, I think I am running a fever”. And the very next thought that runs across my mind is “Oh no… are the swimmers ok?”!! Sad what IF does to your thought process. Good that I didn’t actually say that.  DH is running a fever, has body ache, sore throat, and the cough… hmm… the flu!! Poor thing couldn’t sleep all last night because of the cough. I made him some throat soothers tea in the morning and that helped quiet it down a bit. God… its been more than 2 years since anyone of us got the flu. And I almost forgot what to give him for the flu. I have put him on Tyl.enol Cold. His fever drops within 30 mins of taking the meds but it rises back up in a couple of hours. Ughhh!! I going to see if it subsides within the next day or so… otherwise, he is seeing a doc.


Today morning, I went in for my first monitoring appt. So far… so good. 8 follies on the right and 7 follies on the left… all under 10mm. She measured a bunch of them at 8×8, 8×7, etc. So they seem to growing at a steady pace. And I am told to maintain my dosage @ 150IU folli.stim in AM and 2 vials Men.opur in PM. Haven’t got my E2 number yet. Still excited and very hopeful!


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Interesting couple of days

Let’s see…

A trip to the Mother&Baby unit, a trip to the Emergency room, and a pregnancy announcement.

One word… life is… interesting!!

On Tuesday, DH & I decided that we wanted to go out to dinner and called to see if another couple wanted to join us. We are very close friends with this couple, and enjoy each other’s company… the only thing being, she is 35+ weeks PG. But that doesn’t bother me much now. I just look the other way when she carasses her belly! This is the same couple that broke their pregnancy news to us when we broke the news that we were doing IVF#1!! I know… absolutely bad timing! But, they really are good people at heart and they didn’t even know what an IVF was… and I feel very comfortable hanging out with them. Anyways, back to Tuesday… they said they couldn’t join us because they were in the Mother&Baby unit having just delivered abt 6 hrs ago!!! Apparently she went into early labor at around 2am and things just progressed really fast. Both mom and baby are fine. Baby is in the NICU because he was a premie. Hearing all this, I… was not fine. My chest constricted with sadness on the doubt that I would ever get there. Would that ever be me? Would I ever call someone from an L&D ward? It was weird. DH and I decided to go visit them. We stopped by to get flowers and chocolate. The visit went well. Luckyily for me, we didn’t go visit the baby. I don’t know how I would react to that. But, I survived.

The next day, aka yesterday, I had to work late to catch up on some stuff. DH was supposed to pick me up after meeting up with a couple of his work buddies at a bar. I get this frantic call from him 30 mins earlier than our scheduled time asking me to come out of work fast (he waits at the parking lot), that he has to get somewhere really fast.  Huh??! Whatever! Run down, get in the car, and he tells me we are heading to the emergency room. What??!? Apparently one of the work buddies that he was hanging out with fainted!! (No… she wasn’t drunk or anything). Apparently, a couple of mins after fainting, she got back up and was talking fine, but then she started throwing up!! And the paramedics were rushing her to the hospital. So… we head to the ER. I know… back in a hospital… two days in a row. Have I ever told you guys that I hate hospitals??! Blah!! Her boyfriend was there with her, she looked fine, walking and talking ok. And they were still running a battery of tests to find out what happened. Decided to give them some privacy, gave them our numbers, and left the ER.

Crazy day…. come home… I get a call from a high school buddy claiming that she has good news to share!! Blah! blah!! blah!! I know… I just know that when people tell me that they have some “good” news, it can’t possibly be good for me! Hey… just because that is good for you doesn’t mean that it is good for me! She was pregnant was expecting around August! Goddamn… if my FET worked and I didn’t go through a miscarriage, I would have my baby before her! Ugh!! I hate remembering such things. What.Ever!

Today… no hospital visits… yet! And I plan to keep it that way! :)

There is one good news to share… haha… don’t worry not that kinda “good”! Today is CD1. Which means, I get to start my BCPs for IVF#3 on Saturday!! Woohoooo! I am soooo excited! I love it… absolutely love the new beginnings. I have been aching to get a schedule for IVF#3. And my IVF coordinator promised to call me first thing tomorrow morning with it. I will let you guys know as soon as I can. This is so cool. My optimism is creeping up and I can’t wait to get started.

IVF number 3 is on its way. I really hope third time IS the charm! :)

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Back from my hiatus

Wow… its been a long time since I posted anything. Have been very busy both at work and at home. The festival season is upon us and hence lots of religious activities to take care of. The parties that I dreaded about in my last couple of posts were not as bad as I expected. There indeed was a lot of talk of pg due dates and u/s scans and various tips to through a successful PG. URGHHH! But, I did fine. My digital SLR gave me enough reason to escape the adults. The minute I started to feel myself get sad, I went to the kids room to play with them on the excuse of wanting to shoot some pics of them playing w/ each other. It worked out pretty well. I got to avoid the conversations I couldn’t stand… and the parents got pics of their kids! I am yet to download the pics from the flash card… but that’s besides the point.  I also picked up a couple of books over the last weekend. So that kept me company too.

A bunch of things have happened on the IF front. I have a nice billing story to share. Since I am extremely anal about details (especially when it involves BIG $$$), I asked the billing coordinator from the IVF lab to give me a detailed statement of all the charges from my IVF#1. I get it in the mail a couple of days later, go through it line by line, and towards the end, I see 3 charges for cryopreservation (that is the embryo freezing charges) for $575, $575, and $475. As a recap, I had 5 embies frozen at Day3 and 1 frozen at blast. And I remember by IVF coordinator telling me that they had frozen the 5 embies in 2 separate batches. So I just ASSUMED that thats why they charged me 2 sets of $575 and the blast freeze at $475. BAD ASSUMPTION! VERY BAD ASSUMPTION! A week goes by and I call back the billing lady to talk about something else and as a “side note”, I ask about the 3 cryo charges. She looks at it and the phone goes silent for a while. She comes back with a “Oh, that shouldn’t be there. There should be only 1 charge of $575 (for the embies) and 1 charge of $475 (for the blast). That was a double billing error. I’ll take care of it right away.” My. jaw. just. dropped!!! BILLING ERROR of $575?!?!  Thank GOD I asked!

Freaked out, I decided to go through the billing statements of the IVF clinic as well. And guess what another freaking double billing ERROR!!! This time for SIS#1. They billed $300 for the catheter for the SIS and then a $230 for the actual SIS! AHH! $300 for a catheter? I don’t think so! So later I was told that the $300 includes the procedure as well and the $230 will be removed!

That’s a total of $805 I saved last week!! So to all you ladies out there, take the time to look through your billing statements!! Make sure you don’t get ripped off… that is any more than “necessary”! *sigh*

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Weird feeling

I do my fair share of IF-related-blog reading and visiting board discussions (though I have never actively participated in the discussions). I have read about many women who talk abt their difficulties of being around children or other PG women.

Personally, I never connected with them. I just thought I was immune to that. So what if I couldn’t get pregnant, I can still be happy for others. In fact, I had almost the opposite reaction. I wanted to be surrounded by other kids. Playing with them and watching their silly, selfless, happy faces made me forget everything! It was… therapeutic at some level. Weird. I know!

But yesterday, the world seemed to turn upside down on me. I got invited to spend Sat evening at a friend’s place and Sunday evening at another friend’s place with the same set of people. (The festival season is upon us where its customary to invite your friends to your homes for the evening.) The thought of spending the upcoming weekend with a bunch of friends (who are unaware of my IF situation) where

  1. Two of them are going to announce their PGs to everyone (Yeah… I am the lucky one that they decided to tell first… Peachy…right?) and
  2. Have 3 small kids running around everywhere

seemed to get my panties in a bunch (pardon me for the graphic statement… but that’s how I feel)!

I feel scared, sad, intimidated, and out of place. I know there are going to be talks abt scans, u/s, tips for nausea, and so on and so forth. I am just scared that I might cave and bawl out in front of everybody. Ugh…. such a disaster that would be! I have never felt like this before. But mind you… its not jealously. Not even a bit. Don’t get me wrong. I love hanging out with these people. They are my good friends and I only mean the best for them… that’s why I decided to go in the first place.

Its just that… if… only if IVF#1 worked, I would be pregnant too. The pain is still lingering around I guess. *sigh*

Hopefully it melts away once I see my friends’ kids!

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