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CCS results are back

And the new number is FIVE!!!

Out of the nine blasts from IVF#6, five are normal! This is awesome. I am just thrilled! The universe is finally giving me a break. (Just need this to last long enough until I have a baby in my hands). The CCRM lab is freaking awesome! Love them! Why the hell did I wait for so long before I went to them?!

The nine blasts that I made were of the following quality:
Day 5 blasts : 3BB, 3BB, 3BB
Day 6 blasts : 5AA, 3AB, 4BB, 5BB
Day 6 blasts (from eggs that were matured in lab ICSI’d on Day 2) : 5AB, 3BB

And the five that are normal are as follows:
Day 5 blasts : 3BB
Day 6 blasts : 3AB, 5BB
Day 6 blasts (from day 2 ICSI) : 5AB, 3BB

I just received the call from my nurse. I didn’t expect to receive the results so early. My retrieval was on July 26th… and the results are back within 2wks 2days. Last time, it took 6wks. Apparently they are doing a different procedure that gives the same results but they just come back faster. She gave me an acronym for the procedure but I don’t remember it right now. I will find out abt that the next time I talk to her.

So apparently I have to schedule a consult with Dr Sch to talk out how many to transfer and which ones to transfer. I remember him telling us, during our ODWU, that for my age they will never transfer more than 2 CCS-tested normal embryos. Two normals from previous cycle + five from this cycle = total of seven normals. This means that I can possibly do upto 3 transfer cycles if I have to. Not that I want to do any more than one… but still… knowing that I have that option is a huge relief.

With this result, we are THAT much closer to a baby in hand. I can’t believe this. I am so blessed. WE are so blessed! Thank you Lord!


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Jinxlords and a new number

Dear Jinxlords,

Please spare me this time. I really want to share my life with my fellow bloggers without worrying abt you. My internet friends have supported me and been there for me when I needed them the most — they are my support system! And I owe it to them to keep them up to date. But the minute I think abt posting some exciting news, I get worried that you are watching me with your evil, condescending eyes just waiting to prove me wrong. So please please spare me! For now and forever!

With all due respect….

Hey buddies… thanks for thinking abt me. You guys are the best! But no don’t get too excited. I am neither pregnant nor PUPO. But, I do have a lot of exciting news to share. Since my last post, I decided to take some time off from TTC/blogging/reading abt TTC/all of it! I needed to get back my sanity and re-evaluate my priorities. Luckily, life got the best of me. We moved a week after coming back from Denver. Even though I hate change, I enjoy setting up home in a new place. I love the packing, unpacking, arranging, re-arranging, and more re-arranging. This was a very very good distraction from TTC. We are still renting but since we moved to the suburbs, it is half the rent (aka more money for CCRM! Sigh!). I love my new place. We are now just 10 mins from work as opposed to the 30 minute commute from my previous place. This makes it feel like I have more time for myself — which is both a good thing and a bad thing. :\ Time just flew.

One morning, a couple of days after our move, I was woken up at 7am by a phone call. All pissed off at the early morning call, I answer it only to find out that it is Dr Sch! Then it hit me… I had scheduled a doc consult a while back and I totally forgot abt it. I know…. I suck! But these are the times when I am glad that I am a light sleeper! Long story short, he said it might be a good idea for me to cycle again to “collect” more embryos and he thought that only one of the two embryos might come back normal. He recommended a different protocol this time around which did not call for BCPs — straight to stims! He also said that since I have a month in between cycles, I can redo the endo biopsy for the integrin testing — but this time, he added Prometrium (progesterone suppositories) during my luteal phase. The last time I did the endo biopsy, the results were “negative for integrins and out-of-phase endometrin” — which means not only did I not have the integrins that are deemed necessary for implantation, my lining was also out of phase (aka, I probably screwed up the timing by miscalculating the LH surge). So this time around, I was careful and tested twice during the day – in the afternoon and in the night.

Three weeks after that the consult, I had my endo biopsy. And a week after that, I got my periods, as expected. That day, I got a voicemail from my nurse stating that the CCS results are in! Freaking out, I called her only to get the best news… BOTH my embies are normal! This was freaking awesome! Now I still couldn’t transfer during this cycle because I didn’t have the results from the endo biopsy yet…. or so I thought. The very next day (CD2), my nurse called me again saying that my endo results were back and that I HAD integrins!! WOW! I was just sooo sooo happy. (Jinxlords… no… please don’t mess with this one!)

Now onto the difficult question…. I was expected to start stims the very next day (CD3). Should we convert it to a transfer cycle and start BCPs/patches instead? What was my success rates with my two embies? What did the doc think? After some back and forth discussion with Dr Schoolie (thru my nurse), I got a pathetic 35% chance of success with my two embies. I was devastated! Really? 35%? Are you kidding me? Wow! More discussion later, I decided that we are going forward with the stim cycle. I did not want to go through an emotional roller-coaster with having a transfer and not having them stick and on and on. No thank you!

This time around (IVF#6), I had took Menopur and Gonal-F as usual. They added Cetrotide abt 4 days into my stims. And I had a double trigger. One trigger was with hCG (Novarel) and another was a double lupron shot 12hrs apart. So the reason for the double trigger was that to get the follies to release and mature the eggs. I usually make a lot of follies but end up with just a handful of eggs evidenced by the 18 follies and only 6 mature eggs during my last cycle. But during my last u/s with CCRM during this cycle, they only measured 10 follicles. I was sad but at that point I had resigned to let go.  I will update my side bar with details on doses and dates for this cycle. Trigger day was Saturday, July 24th and Retrieval was Monday, July 26th.  And guess what?? NINETEEN eggs retrieved! Really!! NINETEEN! I was in lala land and have been there ever since! (Jinxlords please refer to start of post here!) Turns out that 12 were mature, 11 fertilized, 4 more matured and fertilized on day 2. And out of the fifteen, get this NINE made it to blast! (Once again… jinxlords… refer to start of post!)

So yes… NINE is the new number! 9 embies have been biopsied for CCS testing and vitrified. I am happy beyond my wildest dreams! This proves that I am not old yet. My ovaries are still rockstars! They can still perform… they just need the right nudge! So there you go folks… you are all caught up with my TTC life!

So while I risk tempting the jinxlords by posting this, I did feel guilty hiding all this from you folks. It felt like I was cheating on you by making progress without informing you. But one thing is for sure…  while going through this last cycle alone, I realized how much your support and words meant to me and I will forever cherish that.

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