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Lift off

Folks…. we have lift-off!! Thats right… my ovaries are doing their job. I love it. This morning, my fav RE Doc P did the monitoring check and we saw abt 8-9 follies on the left and about 4 on the right. Wooohooo! All were below 10mm, but still… woohooo! This cycle will not be a canceled cycle… yay! My dear ovaries…. I am soooo proud of both of you!

Its probably the increased meds that kicked my ovaries from their sleep, but I am sure that my acupuncture session yesterday also played a role.  She focused a bit more on the blood flow to the ovaries and the uterus and she did a bunch of more belly points. I just had this good feeling when I walked out of the session. And lo and behold, that afternoon, I felt twinges and cramps (the good kind) for the first time this cycle to tell me that something is truly happening down there. I love my acupuncturist.

I am yet to hear abt my E2 levels from this morning… but it should be all good. Today is a happy day!


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One year ago…

… I wrote this post after the failure of IVF#1 on my birthday. Thanks to my short term memory I barely remember how awful I felt. All I remember was that it was one of the worst birthdays.

And wow… what the year has bought me… a FET that resulted in a BFP, rising betas, a pregnancy, watching and hearing the wonderful heartbeat, toiling through the various u/s’s that showed slow growth, followed by a horrible miscarriage, then waiting for my body to get back to normal, losing my IVF and IF weight, another fresh cycle that resulted in a BFN, countless blood draws to test for immune problems, the discovery there is indeed something wrong – high antibodies, an amazing vacation, and the start of another fresh cycle. WHEW!!!

I am grateful for many of the things that happened last year like that fact that I started blogging, which gave me the courage to venture out and reach out for my local resolve support group. I am also glad that I pressed my doc for more bloodtests that revealed my disorder and the resulting revelation that we are less “unexplained”.

I am going to believe and hope that next year brings what last year didn’t — a healthy pregnancy and a live baby (or two).  :)

Cause I seriously don’t want to be writing a similar post with no baby next year. I really don’t!

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Just got the call…

My E2 was a 86. Can you believe it??? A puny tiny Eighty Six after 3 whole days of stimming!! Sigh!!

I have been asked to increase my meds to 225 Fo.llis.tim for the morning and stick with the 2 vials of Men.opur in the evening.

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When will I ever learn…

…that the minute I say something will happen with some level of confidence, the exact opposite will happen!!

When will I learn to shutup and not try to predict my future?!

When will I learn to just live one day at a time?!

When will I learn that the Jinx Lords are ALWAYS watching me and are ready to pounce when I least expect it!?

Remember this post abt how I can predict the way my body is going to react. Well… that’s what did it. The Jinx Lords have given their “blessings” and all bets are off as far as predictions go. Today was my first monitoring appt and things are…. lets just say sloowwww down there. Today is day4 of stims and I am still having some spotting from the BCP withdrawal. Very unusual for me. The last two fresh cycles, I had mild spotting the first 2 maybe 3 days but that’s abt it. And my ovaries….. very quiet. Lining was a pitiful 1.5.

Ugh… my RE said that they will check my E2 levels and then call abt raising my dose! Ugh… that would mean 3 vials of Me.no.pur in the evening. Gulp! I have never taken more than 2 vials ever. So I don’t know how my body is going to respond.

During the drive from my RE’s office to work, thoughts abt possibly a cancelled cycle crossed my mind for the very first time. And wow… we all know how that quickly starts a downward spiral of negative thoughts. Thankfully, I decided to snap back out of it and focus on the fact that probably I am just slow in responding to the meds and that I would catch up within a couple of days. Please please pleeeease let that be the case.

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Back from vacay and suppression check

I am back. And I am still in the post-holiday haze. And oh yeah… I am loving it. Cambodia and Bangkok were amazing. We have been thinking abt visiting the temples of the Angkor Wat area for a number of years now and we are both happy that we finally made it there. It. was. wonderful. It is the largest religious site in the world. And no joke. It shows like one too. And heck it was built in the 12th century. Amazing architecture. Amazing ruins. And can’t even begin to imagine what it would looked like in it’s hey day. Aaahhhh…. could have easily used up a couple more days there. Dang it… Why do good vacations always seem too short??!

Anyways… back to work now. Not 100% productive… but who cares.

Oh oh I almost forgot. I had my suppression check yesterday morning. And I have been given the go ahead to start stims on Saturday. Yippiiiee YAY!! So I went ahead and got my box of meds yesterday. So v v v excited. I am like a little kid on Halloween with a ginormous box filled with candy. It’s all mine!!!! (Insert evil laugh here) LOL!!
Promise to post the obligatory pic soon.

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