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Off to vacation…

The timing was perfect as far as my IVF cycle goes. Our work schedules cooperated. Rates were considerably low… thanks to the off-season time in our destination. And heck we deserved it. So see ya guys in 10 days…

BTW here are some pics of our destination.


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I called my Doc’s office on Friday to setup the timeline for IVF#4. And here it is…

Aug 21st – Start BCPs
Sep 8th – Last BCP Dose
Sep 9th – B/W + Suppression check appt
Sep 12th – Start Stims (175IU of Foll.istim + 2 vials of Me.no.pur)
Sep 15th – 1st B/W + Monitoring Appt

And if I respond anything like my first IVF, here’s whats to follow:

Sep 18th – 2nd B/W + Monitoring Appt
Sep 18th – Stims changed to 175IU of Foll.istim + 1 vial of Menopur
Sep 20th – 3rd B/W + Monitoring Appt
Sep 20th – Stims changed to 125IU of Foll.istim + 1 vial of Menopur + Gane.relix + 50ml Micro-do.se h.CG
Sep 21st – 4th B/W + Monitoring Appt
Sep 21st – Stims changed to 125IU of Foll.istim + Gane.relix + 50ml Micro-do.se h.CG
Sep 22nd – 5th B/W + Monitoring Appt
Sep 22nd –  Last stim shot of 75IU of Foll.istim + Ovi.drel trigger shot in the PM
Sep 24th – RETRIVAL!!
Sep 29th – 5-day transfer!! (I have never had a 5-day transfer… and I am so hoping for one this time around)
Oct 9th – Beta! GULP!

You know… I often wonder why I have to pay $$$$$$ for someone to give me this schedule. I know what’s going to happen when. Those blood draws aren’t rocket science (if done right that is! I have had some pretty bad ones though. In any case, shouldn’t be hard to pick up). I know what to look for in my ovaries. I know when I am ready to be harvested. The only thing I probably need help for is that retrival thing. Crap they knock me out… so I don’t even get an opputunity to learn how to do that + I don’t think I can get myself to stick a needle through my vagina into my ovaries…. yeah… not happening. So ok fine… I guess I will shell out some $$$ for that. And definitely for the embriologist that does her magic. I will not attempt to cut down the salary of the one person who looks after my babies before I get to see them!

Heck, they should start giving out discounts for the seasoned IVF patients like me. Let’s see….

  1. For one, we know what’s to come, so less prepping time needed.
  2. We have so few questions… if any.
  3. We don’t care for the flowery talk… just give us the plain facts… straight and square.
  4. We know the numbers of all the nurses and IVF coordinators and doctors there… so no need to waste any energy trying to hide details… because you know we are going to double check.
  5. All the people in the clinic know us by our first name, so no worries abt miscommunication issues.
  6. And no worries abt looking at the wrong file either, because ours will be the biggest/fattest file in your filing cabinet!

Care to add to the list?

All in all…. I am an easy patient! Now all that the nurses and doctors have to do is to do as I say… and we will have no problems. Simple! ;)

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YAY… I see red!!

Never in the last 3+ years of TTC have I ever imagined I would say this but I am sooo happy to see blood. Yipppieee YAY!! AF is here and I am sooo glad that she is. This means I get to start my BCPs for IVF#4. ***deep breath***. I have been waiting for this for the longest time. My last cycle was only in March/April… but it seems like it was ages ago.  Can’t wait to start those stims!! Ahhh… so excited! God…. I sound like a drug junkie. Pffftt….who am I kidding… I am one. HA!

I am very positive about this cycle. I just have a feeling that this is going to work. Fingers Crossed!! I have never felt this positive for any of my other cycles. I am very optimistic and I am going to try and STAY optimistic as long as I can. I am going to give this cycle all the chance I can give. So if any of the claims made by those mind-body whazoos are right, then this cycle will be a success. I am going to try and block the “what-ifs” from my head. I am not going to plan the “what-if-this-doesn’t-work” aspect of it… actually I am going to put zero effort into thinking that.

I believe that part of the optimism comes from the fact that my mom is going to be here for the entire cycle. In fact she lands on the day I am scheduled to start my stims and will be around till after my beta. So I will have way more physical/emotional support that I have ever had in my previous cycles.

Ahhhh…. can’t contain my excitement!!!

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I want that!

The weekend was good — lots of relaxing, couple of yoga classes, hosting a friend for dinner, watching one of my fav movies of all time – “The Rock” – for the umpteenth time in TNT, followed by a couple of hours of mind-numbing Unwrapped episodes on FoodTV. Overall result: quite relaxing. Then comes Monday. Not one of my best days to begin with. Half the day is usually spent trying to straighten out decisions that were made hastily at 5pm the previous Friday. The rest half is then spent trying to catch up on work that was supposed to be done over the weekend. Not a productive day at all.

But today… was a whole another story — 3 PG announcements and 1 birth announcement. Seriously??!! On a Monday? It was almost like everyone that I know of had convened behind my back to figure out when to surprise me with their “good news”. Boohoo!! It wasn’t all bad though… its just that there were a lot of mixed feelings. The first PG announcement was from a friend who had an “oops PG” as her 40th B’day gift. And here I am… hoping that I have an “IVF PG” as my 28th B’day gift!! But I have to say… she is a good friend of mine and I really hope that everything goes well for her. Its just that I want that… for me.  The second was from an acquaintance at work. Don’t know her well… but it still bugged me. The third was from a fellow IF warrior from my local support group. Her first IVF was successful and she is now PG with twins. I am happy for her but… but… I want that. And the birth announcement came from a long lost work buddy of mine who I just happened to bump into at the work cafeteria. Of all the things we can talk abt in the 3 mins that we met, couldn’t you mention anything else?! And BTW.. did I mention THAT is what I want!

But other than wanting THAT… the day was as good as a Monday can be!

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After a really long time, I had typed up this refreshing post on how my life is good and how I am very happy with how things are going, but that is for another day. Right now my heart goes out for Sprogblogger. She just got some devastating news. Please stop by to offer some much needed prayers and support. Life is so unfair!!

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