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PG rant, Shopping, Banquet

Within a 2-month span in mid 2007 we attended 5 weddings. Yes FIVE!! 2 in the US and 3 in India.

Within the past 3 months I have heard from 2 of them stating that they are expecting (due at the end of the year)! Another couple was in the super fast track and already gave birth to a kid last September. That leaves only 2 couples. And I should have known that the other 2 couples were not too far behind.

A couple of days ago, I got a surprise phone call that one of them is due in October!! That makes 4 out of 5. And that leaves me in a very very bad place. I can’t say for sure that it is not envy!! I want to be happy for them. At least that’s how I hoped I portrayed myself when they told me the news over the phone. To all you uber-fertile folks who are eagering waiting to announce your pregnancy to the world, do us “unfortuantes” a favor by doing what my BFF did when she got PG with her 2nd — email the news out! This gives us infertiles time to sort through our feelings, deal with them, yell at God or whoever, compose ourselves of what to say, and then congratulate you when we are feeling up to it. Plain and Simple.

Ok… done with the rant…

This past weekend, I had to attend a black-tie work-related banquet. I had been looking forward to the actual event, but not so much for the dressing up! See… I am not a dress person. Give me a pair of jeans and a tshirt with some sandals and I am a happy person. Comfy is king! So I put off thinking abt what I am going to wear until the very last moment. Three days before the event, I had a panic attack! I didn’t have a dress, I didn’t have shoes, I didn’t have anything. And so shopping I went.

On day 1, I entered every decently priced store I came across – Ba.na.na Re.publ.ic, An.n T.ay.lor, B.CB.G, J.J.ill, Nor.dst.orm – and some others. I ended the day with a pair of jeans and a couple of tshirts. 5 hours later, no dress!

On Day 2, with a friend in tow. Within maybe 30 mins in Mac.y.’s. I found a decent dress and a cream shawl to go with it. I couldn’t find a picture of the exact dress I wore. But here is a pic of the same dress with a different pattern and a pic of the pattern of my dress.


On Day 3, another 1.5hrs in M.ac.y’.s, I nailed the accessories. Since I am fashion-dumb, I walked up to a couple of young saleswomen, showed my dress, and pleaded for their help! The best helpers I have ever encountered in any store!!  And I walked out with this. Mission accomplished. :)


All I needed was something to carry my wallet and phone in. The morning of the event I walked into a mall and was told that Fo.rev.er 2.1 was the place. And in 10 mins, I walked out with this.


Unfortunately I don’t have a picture from the day off event. But I leave it up to your imagination. All in all, the awards banquet went well.  It was assigned seating based on the team that receives the award and who do I get to sit with? A pregnant couple, a couple with 2 young kids, and another couple with two teenagers. And the main topic of the discussion was…. you guessed it… KIDS!!! ARRRGGHH!! I just wanted to go into hiding when one of them asked us if we had any kids. You know, I was this close to saying “Yeah, I do. Except that it is DEAD now!!” (Call me crazy but thats how I feel!!). But figured its not worth the trouble. In any case, the conversation turned out ok and shifted to cruising and travelling and such. I survived!

In my 3 years of IF struggle, pregnancies and pregnant people haven’t affected me as much as it is right now. But thats whole another topic and I will save it for later.


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Milestone & MIL visit

Today I caught up on a number of blogs and I was just happy to realize that I can move a bunch of them to my “success stories” list. As the number of blogs in the “waiting to get pg” list gets small, I can’t help but wonder how long before I crossover. The beginning of July marks 3 years since we started this journey and we are still at it. So I guess we have reached a milestone of some sorts!! Yay!!??! 3 years ago, we were both naive and just blissfully ignorant of what it would take. But that’s ok… We know more now and we have some answers to the “why us?” questions. And I am just thankful for that. That’s abt as much of looking back and pondering that I care to do at this point!

Moving on to other stuff… Let’s see… My MIL was here for the last couple of months. Deep breath… Everything went really really well. I know. Hard to believe…right? The last time she visited, things didn’t quite go as well as we would have hoped… There was crying, angry faces, and crazy emotions flying all over. But this time, nothing of such sorts. She leaves tomorrow. So fingers are still crossed that things stay that way. I think I attribute the getting along well to the recent miscarriage to some extent!! I think that it has just made me realize that there are far more important things to life than worrying abt who is going to cook dinner, or worrying abt some snide comment that gets passed on. Strange how something as devastating as a miscarriage can be a cause for some positive in life.

In other news, DH got me one of these…

And I just wrote this entire post on from it. Soo happy with my new toy… Simple pleasures I guess!! :)

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